Trump Is The Best The GOP Has

So when I ask myself if this is the best that Republicans can put up for office, the answer is obvious: yes, this is the best that the GOP offers. Donald Trump brings the noise to the GOP because he can rile up the base and get people out to vote even if it's for the wrong reasons.

Trump Is The Best The GOP Has
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As I sit here trying to figure out what I'm going to talk about in tonight's #Nightcap I'm disturbed by the number of news outlets pushing a Trump 2024 movement. Mainstream media personalities know they need to feed the monsters of consumption the 24-hour news cycle has created to remain relevant. The idea that Trump has an audience and continues to dictate the future of the Republican party encapsulates the core of the problem. Trump is like a condiment the Press can put on any shit sandwich, and to see people consuming said shit sandwich over and over again is alarming. Even more disturbing is that the Republican party can not shake its addiction to the Trump world financially, politically, and emotionally. The Republican base has decided that it is better to have Trump than any other Democrat. Poll after poll shows that the Republican party would be content on this man's reelection despite the shit track record their icon had in office. Is this the best the GOP has to offer the American people living in the longest continuous Democracy?

I admit my disappointment doesn't start with just seeing the news outlets push Trump. They are slaves to advertising, the click, and the thirst for revenue and relevance. As the Republican party toys with the notion of re-electing Donald Trump, the world watches in horror as the efforts to subvert America develops develop in front of their eyes. The idea that Donald Trump is the best that the GOP can muster up for 2024 tells us a lot about the party of Lincoln.

If America cannot find a way to get elected leaders that acknowledge, understand, and solve the issues we all face with a vision for the future that is not just platitudes and word salad America will speed up its demise.

I have discussed that the Republicans have not put together a new platform or carved out a vision for America since 2016. The GOP has no new platform to articulate its vision for the future. This void creates a vacuum that allows authoritarian, fascist, and neo-populist ideas to become mainstream - all right-wing emotional power grabs.

The only challenger put up by the mainstream media on the GOP side is Rick DeSantis, a Trump-like figure that was notoriously conspicuous for two weeks while he worked through what appeared to be a cough or some version of the flu. DeSantis is an anti-VAX or a Trump supporter and probably the only person Trump fears; he aspires to be a younger version of Trump with a better résumé.

I'm not going to put all the blame on the mainstream media for the woes of the GOP. I will blame people who would even think about voting or electing a man who was twice impeached. Donald Trump had no soul and only cared about his image and looked to his base of followers. Trump lied to us incessantly and didn't care about his constituents or their pain.

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Here at Smashing The Party (STP), I try to do my best to talk about the problems we face instead of getting caught up in the partisan back-and-forth. You all know that I have a plan, and I haven't been shy about talking about my vision for what I believe could be a better America, one where every one of us could thrive. Why is nobody on the Republican side talking about what they believe is the future for America? The MAGA slogan does not articulate a vision for the future. It's a rewrite of an old America First racist trope that the entire Republican party has embraced. That isn't to say they don't have anything to run on. We know that they want to attack women's productive rights and limit the ability for people to do what they want in their bedroom. We also know that the family the party of family values doesn't care about family values unless it's to impart them on folks that may not agree with their worldview. But this is all well and good for the Republican base, so they have no incentive to change this winning tactic.

We need to have political parties that see the problems for what they are, come up with solutions, and tell the Truth about their vision for America. At least they need to have one. As I said, if a political party rewrites their political platform every year without any thought for the advances in technology, our strategic place in a global economy, what do, what you think they're going to do when they get in power? If you don't have a vision for what you want to execute or accomplish, you're going to flounder; you're going to react. We will get to experience another tumultuous presidency where the world watches an assault on Truth.

The January 6th insurrection is the backdrop for the next movement the GOP plans on making. Right now, we have a political party that is bent on making sure they win it all cost, whether it be through gerrymandering, whether it be through restricting voter rights or ignoring the will of the people. The GOP will stick to what worked for them in the past. They will elect a person that has a considerable following and lacks credibility, but he can own the Libs from time to time.

So when I ask myself if this is the best that Republicans can put up for office, the answer is obvious: yes, this is the best that the GOP offers. Donald Trump brings the noise to the GOP because he can rile up the base and get people out to vote even if it's for the wrong reasons. Political parties care about retaining power, and if you have a megalomaniac narcissistic buffoon at the helm that drives people to vote, then this is the plan that the consultants will recommend.

It's not all peaches and cream for the Democrats either. But this post's title was about the GOP and their affinity for Donald Trump. Make no mistake that I am disturbed by the idea of having Joe Biden stumble to the podium and claim the presidency in 2024; however, it is 1 million times better than having Donald Trump at the helm.