Looking for some equipment on the cheap

Putting out a request to the universe for a cheap MIDI controller I can use as a switch and a decent camera for under $1000.

Looking for some equipment on the cheap

You all know I am busy preparing for the storm of content I want to put into the ether! I could use a cheap MIDI pad for a controller, and I am still searching for an upgraded camera. Here is my question, Universe.

Have a nice camera collecting dust?  Old DJ equipment stocking up, and you have a treasure trove of MIDI  controller pads you want to get rid of?


I don't want to spend money on new equipment now, and it is really just a "nice to have," but I will pay a fair price for a functional MIDI controller that I can use as a toggle for scene changes in the broadcasting software I use.

I'll take one of these, but I wouldn't know how to use it.

As far as the camera requirement is concerned, I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars now as I can get pretty far with my iPhone camera with a little post-production. I am under the impression I could get a decent phone and lens for under $1000, which seems reasonable to me (as if I know what the fuck a reasonable price for a camera is...).

I am looking for those deals. I am not desperate for either as I have found a way to get a good video for the time being on my camera, and I have a MIDI controller I can get by with.

I am just putting it out there in the universe to see what it sayeth.  
Slide in my DM's if you have that sweet nectar of honey deals.

  1. Midi controller pad on the cheap ($50?)
  2. A decent camera - (<$1000)

What sayeth the Universe?