New (Old) Blogposts Now Available

I fixed a bug that prevented older articles from showing up. Come back and check to make sure you have all the STP goodness before you start your weekend!

New (Old) Blogposts Now Available
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Before today there was a bug that prevented an older article from showing up on the home page of this site. The issue is now resolved! If you haven't checked out lately, come back and take a gander. There should be an "infinite scroll" mechanism to show the older articles as you scroll down on the home page.

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Was it too short? Or maybe you didn’t appreciate it enough while it was all around you? Well, the summer is sailing away and it won’t be back til next year… But there’s a beginning in an end. Enjoy the golden colors of this autumn! 🍂
Photo by Konstantin Planinski / Unsplash